Imagine next Bike to Work Day

As we approach Bike to Work Day on May 14, and near 85% of our Crowdfunding goal in just our second week, imagine how a shared community bike workshop in downtown San Jose could get even more people on two wheels next year.

Imagine hundreds of commuters of all walks of life pulling their bikes out of the garage after collecting dust due to a flat tire. Imagine them coming into Bike Clinic to learn how to get their bikes into road-ready condition and safe to ride. Imagine them borrowing tools and taking classes. This knowledge can overcome obstacles so people can make a change in how they commute to work and travel through the city.

Our stretch goal, as soon as our awesome supporters help us reach $4,000, is another $800 to buy a sturdy stand, wrenches, and all the other basic tools to equip our first workstation.

Make sure we have that first complete workstation ready when you come to the shop! Give today at, email this message to 10 bike-loving friends, and share the link on social media with #fundSJBC.

Imagine the satisfaction of people fixing their own bike, leaving with the know-how to tackle any problem their bikes could throw at them on Bike to Work Day or any day. We believe every day should be Bike to Work Day, and our goal is to provide a place where the people can learn about bicycle maintenance, fix their own bikes, and make some friends along the way.

If you share this vision, help San Jose Bike Clinic get more bikes on the road by supporting us at Thank you to all of our amazing supporters and the San Jose cycling community for getting us this far!

All donations go towards making a permanent space for your volunteer-run Bike Clinic in downtown a reality.

We are 83% of the way to our goal and we have a little less than two weeks left in our campaign. There is no better time to contribute to bringing a thriving bike community together through bike repair education.