Crowdfunding Launch

We Launch Today!

Today we launch SJBC’s crowdfunding campaign. Help make your community bike shop a reality by giving on our Indiegogo page:

Imagine a space sustained by volunteer energy, filled with all the bike repair tools and parts you’d need and staffed by knowledgeable volunteer bike mechanics. Imagine the satisfaction of anyone who wants to learn having the knowledge to fix their bike themselves.

That’s our vision, and our goal is to raise $4,000 dollars to establish a permanent space in downtown San José! Donations are tax deductible and we are also including perks based on the amount you decide to contribute.

Please forward this email to anyone who you think would share our vision–people who bike commute locally or around the world, those who believe San José needs this to build a diverse and robust cycling community, anyone who would enjoy coming in and wrenching on their bikes in this shared space.

You can also share our tweets (@SJBikeClinic) and Facebook posts to help spread the word.

SJBC appreciates your support and we’re looking forward to a very successful campaign with your help. Make sure to spread the word: forward this email to friends, share the Indiegogo link to social media and help us get the word out about making the dream of a community bike shop in downtown San Jose a reality


The Bike Clinic Crew