Summer HR Interns at San Jose Bike Clinic

This summer, under the expert guidance of our staff coordinator Jacob Tabares, San Jose Bike Clinic was fortunate to have not just one, but two summer HR interns. Jennie and Nick helped us find volunteers and run the shop in a way that led to our most successful summer ever. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Jacob, Jennie and Nick for all of their help this past summer. Below are two guest posts written by Jennie and Nick, detailing their experiences as HR interns at San Jose Bike Clinic.


As someone who just realized that they wanted to try pursuing HR in second semester of freshman year, I knew that trying to find HR-related internships would be a bit tough, especially since I had never taken an HR-related class or had any concrete experience with HR. And it really was hard—I found myself reading and re-reading long job descriptions and complicated skill requirements, wondering if I should even attempt to apply to the positions. In this way, I’m quite thankful to San Jose Bike Clinic for providing me the opportunity to explore aspects of HR, while also giving me the freedom to take on different tasks and have a say in my own internship experience. 

From the get-go, I was able to help screen applicants applying for the additional HR and Marketing positions. It was eye-opening to see how accomplished these applicants of all ages were, and was definitely challenging to sift through each application and consider how their skillset could help SJBC. I was also able to conduct my first ever job-related phone interview, which was another learning experience, and I found it quite similar to the journalism phone interviews I did during high school. That was another realization I had—seeing how beneficial my past experiences and skills were and how they related with new experiences. 

Along with Jacob, the internship coordinator, and Nick, the other HR intern, I helped write and post new HR/Marketing job postings and voicemail/interview scripts. In addition, I was able to attend monthly meetings with SJBC’s Steering Committee, which gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of a volunteer-run nonprofit. I was able to communicate suggestions about the SJBC website to Dan, and now we have a working Google Form for prospective volunteers to fill out! I also helped write a blurb for SJBC to be included in the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition newsletter, and an HR internship guide for future interns. Overall, it’s extremely rewarding to see your suggestions be seriously considered and implemented. 

I’m glad I was able to work alongside such hardworking, encouraging people this summer, and look forward to the ideas that future interns have for SJBC. I can’t wait to see how the internship program develops and evolves beyond its first year!

“I have really fond memories of bikes—from my first bicycle with training wheels and pink tassels to biking through the Shoreline Park trails and Saratoga with my dad and brother.”

Jennie is an innovative person who enjoys helping people, being creative, and riding bicycles! A California native, Jennie currently studies human resources at Boston University.


This summer I worked as an HR intern at the San Jose Bike Clinic. I was a little bit concerned because I had no knowledge of the organization. The only knowledge I possessed of the organization was that they focused on bikes. Upon first having a Facebook messenger meeting with my boss, I knew that I would enjoy the work I was about to start. We had objectives that we needed to complete and there were multiple ways to complete these objectives.

For example, one objective was to attract volunteers so we decided to go talk to our parent company Silicon Valley Bike Coalition. We talked and decided the best approach would be to use Volunteer Match to find our new volunteers. Another assignment I did was to go to meetings and listen to how the company is organized. I remember the first meeting I attended was with Dan, Steve and a few other people, and I felt welcomed at the meeting. I also worked at the Bike Clinic and enjoyed learning more about bikes and helping people.

“One of my best experiences with bikes is riding with my family on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.”

Nick was born and raised in San Jose. He is soon to graduate from SJSU with a degree in human resource management. He currently works at a local Sprouts market where he enjoys the business facets of customer service and educating people about the “healthy living for life” philosophy and products.