San José Bike Clinic at Zero1

Zero1 is one of the coolest artistic and cultural events in San José, and it only happens ever other year. This year, San José Bike Clinic volunteers will be setting up for a couple of hours on Friday, Sept. 14 at Zero1 to spread the word about Bike Clinic’s plans and to help people tune up or fix their bikes.

Look for Bike Clinic on William Street at S. First Street in Downtown San Jose, next to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) Bike Valet parking services. That means if you ride to Zero1 you can learn how to fix any problems you’re having with your bike, borrow some tools or a bike pump, and then park your bike with SVBC while you enjoy this great festival of art and technology.

To learn more about the Zero1 Biennial, visit This year, the theme is Seeking Silicon Valley and the programs and exhibits from Sept. 12 to Dec. 8 throughout San José and Silicon Valley.

Also, there are two 24-mile bikes rides you should consider joining, guided tours called A Spatial History of the Silicon Valley. They’re put on by a Zero1 (e)MERGE artist and UC Santa Cruz artist Nick Lally. The first is on Sept. 14 at 12 and the second is Sept. 15 at 11:30. More details: