Enter the San Jose Bike Clinic Logo Contest!

We are excited to launch a contest to create the first San Jose Bike Clinic logo, a logo that will go down in history for changing the San Jose bike culture forever! Please share this request for designs far and wide so we get lots of options to choose from.

Submissions are due by April 16
, and must be submitted in digital form (take a photo if it’s hand-drawn) to codyk@veggielution.org. All submissions will be reviewed by Bike Clinic volunteers at our April 18 meeting so the logo can be included in a banner for our April 29 event, and we’ll also upload them all to the SJ Bike Clinic Facebook page (like us on Facebook if you haven’t already) so that all our fans can vote for their favorite’s by ‘liking’ them. We’ll make the final selection on April 18.
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Introducing San José Bike Clinic!

San José Bike Clinic held its first public event yesterday with beaming success!  Over 50 people showed up at Montgomery and San Fernando Streets to repair bikes, learn how to repair their own bike, compete in bike games, take rides around downtown, and chat about the Bike Clinic!

We’ll aim to have more updates and perhaps photos here soon.  For now, be sure to check out these amazing photographs from Alex at Metro and more photos from Jack Miller of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.